Wyoming Theme and Water Parks

Wyoming does not have any theme parks and only has one water park. If you are looking for major water and theme parks, check out theme and water parks in Colorado and Utah. Below is information about Star Plunge.

Wyoming Theme and Water Parks

Star Plunge

This park is the only water park in Wyoming and is located in Thermopolis. It is not a traditional water park but it features water slides, an indoor pool, an outdoor pool, hot tubs, a baby pool, a waterfall and more.

It features three water slides: “Super Star 500,” “Blue Thunder Run,” and “Lil’ Dipper.” Super Star 500 is one of the world’s largest water slides and is over 500 feet. Blue Thunder Run is a slide that goes around a 60-foot tall tower. Lil’ Dipper is a 60-foot long slide that is for kids. Blue Thunder Run and Lil’ Dipper are open year round when the temperature is above freezing. Super Star 500 is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

The park is known for its Hot Mineral Pools, which get water from the Big Spring. This water contains over 27 different minerals and is considered to be “healing” by some people. The water is chemical free and naturally heated. There is a pool indoor and outdoor. The indoor pool is naturally 94-98 degrees, the outdoor pool is 90-94 degrees, and the hot pool is 104 degrees.

Vapor Cave is another popular attraction. Hot mineral water naturally heats this steam room. In the Vapor Cave, there is a fountain that has natural mineral water that creates the steam.

The facility also has a fitness and weight room, tanning beds, outdoor tanning decks and more. It is located in Hot Springs State Park which features many attractions like a swinging bridge, rainbow terraces that you can walk on, a free state bath house that has water from the hot springs and more.

Getting Help

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