Lake Compounce Water Park

Lake Compounce is the home of the largest water park in Connecticut, known as Crocodile Cove. Some of the features of the water park are rafting rides, twisting tunnel slides, a 300 gallon water bucket, a lazy river, wave pool, plunging riptide racing slides, water canons and slides, a high-speed water slide in the dark, and a water playground. While the water park at Lake Compounce can be a lot of fun, it can also be dangerous, especially for children. You can learn more of potential hazards on water park rides here.

Rafting Rides and Lazy River

Some of the safety hazards with rafting rides and the lazy river are the risk of falling off. Children and adults that use these rides are not required to wear life vests, if they are over a certain height. If a child or an adult falls off the raft or their tube, there is the risk of getting pulled under by the current, getting trampled by other rafts or riders, water inhalation, hitting head or body on rocks, barriers, or other things in the water, and drowning. It is very important to abide by all rules and regulations of the park and the rides. Make sure that children who are not strong swimmers are wearing life vests, and when riding a raft ride, they are fastened securely to their seat.

Tunnel Slides and Slides in the Dark

Tunnel slides and slides in the dark can increase the risk of water inhalation because usually the end of the ride, where the rider is launched into the water, is unknown. When the end of the slide is unknown, young children especially may not know when to hold their breath, or may get nervous and lose body control, causing dangerous landing into the water. In general, children who are not strong swimmers should be wearing floaties or a life vest when going down water slides. Avoid water slides in the dark until your child is comfortable with the landing of a regular water slide, so they can anticipate the landing and ensure safety.

Water Playground

Water playgrounds are so exciting for young children, but making sure they are safe and not running and getting hurt can be a challenge. Keeping an eye on young players can also be a challenge with hundreds of kids running and jumping and playing on a giant playground. One safety precaution to take before playing on a water playground is having children wear water shoes and life vests when playing. Water shoes can give more stability and prevent slipping, and in the case that the child does slip, a life vest can give some protection to the body. Having children stick to a buddy system and reinforcing the rules of staying together and not running can help prevent children getting lost and injured.

Getting Help

No matter how careful you are and how many safety precautions you take, accidents can happen. It is best to be prepared before and after injuries occur. If an accident does occur at Lake Compounce and you or your family member has been injured, it is best to speak with one of our attorneys after you seek medical attention.

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