Most Common Water Park Injuries

Water parks may not have huge, fast roller coasters to ride on, but injuries are actually more common at water parks than amusement parks. The combinations of water, slippery surfaces, and small children running around may not always be the best. Of course, when there is water, drowning is always a frightening possibility. But, there are many other common injuries that occur at water parks on a regular basis.

Slip and Falls

Falls can occur on slippery surfaces, as well as falling from something high up. Water parks that have high water slides, that require climbing stairs are especially susceptible to falling accidents. Young children have slippery feet and hands, and when running up stairs to a water park, falls can occur on the steps as well as falling off the steps completely. Falling injuries on the ground can be scary as well because water parks are usually concrete and children can fall and hit their head on the concrete, or end up with broken bones.


Lacerations can be dangerous at amusement parks because they can lead to infection from all the germs and bacteria in the water. Also, blood getting into the water can be unsanitary for other park goers. Cuts, scrapes, and stubbed toes can happen from hitting the bottom and sides of pools and slides. Be careful if you or your loved ones gets a cut while at the water park, and try to wash it out and cover it up before continuing to play at the park.

Back and Neck injuries

These types of injuries are common when sliding down a water slide, especially on inner tubes. If the tubes flips someone over or turns quickly on the way down a slide, it can cause whiplash, neck strains, or back injuries. These injuries can also occur when someone hits the bottom of the pool with their tailbone, which can cause spinal injuries.


Unfortunately, drowning is a concern at water parks, especially when there are children running around, and not many lifeguards supervising. Drains at the bottom of pools can cause hair to get caught, and pull a child down. There is also a concern for drowning in wave pools, which can cause drowning if a child falls off their tube and gets stuck underneath or knocked under by other people. Near-drowning experiences are very serious and can cause brain damage when there is a lack of oxygen to the brain.

Being Prepared and Getting Help

When you and your family take a trip to the water park, make sure young children are supervised, and if they cannot swim, that they are wearing some sort of flotation device. Be sure that you and your children are aware of the park’s safety rules and regulations. If you or a loved one has suffered from one of these injuries or another injury at a water park, contact us and speak with an attorney about what happened so we can help you.

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