Common Injuries

Amusement parks, waterparks, and similar venues can be wholesome fun for the entire family. However, these venues are not always fun and games. In some cases, accidents could occur, and this could lead to injury. In this section of our website, we discuss many of the common injuries that a person might sustain at an amusement park or similar venue.

Causes of Injury

The first thing to consider is the cause of common injuries and issues at amusement parks. Some common causes of injury include poor ride maintenance, poor supervision, the height or weight requirements for rides not being enforced, and mechanical errors. In addition, there can be inadequate ride supervision and improper ride setup. Too many rides, improper training, lack of focus, and more could impact rides and make them unsafe for child and adult riders alike.

Common Injuries

Now that you know why some of these issues occur, take some time to understand what the common injuries at these venues tend to be. Common injuries include:

In some cases, injuries can be even more serious. Rides such as roller coasters could result in aneurysms, stroke, and even death.

Help with an Amusement Park Injury

If you or a loved one are facing an injury after an accident at an amusement park, we can help. We will review your situation and help you determine the best way to proceed given the specific circumstances of your case. We are here to answer your questions, establish evidence to prove your injuries, and support you through this difficult time. There is no need to face a personal injury claim on your own. Instead, contact us and we will get to work protecting your interests and making sure that justice is served.

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