Lake Quassy Water Park

Lake Quassy’s water park, Saturation Station, is conveniently located next to rides and the beach. The water park includes tunnel slides, free fall body slides, raft bowl slide in the dark, slash zone for young children, water raft slides, a beach, and playground. The playground has ladders, ropes, and steps, and miniature slides to get down from the landing, about six feet above the concrete. All of these activities can be fun, but in some cases they can lead to injuries. You can learn more about potential accidents here, as well as how to prevent them.

Water Slides

Many of the water sides at the park do not have guards or barriers against the sides. Because a fast current of water is propelling slides down, it can carry small children up and to the sides of the slides, dangerously close to the edge. These slides can cause risk of falling off and onto concrete, rather than water.

Another issue with the water slides is that tube slides allow for two rides per tube. When parents ride with their children, it can cause uneven weight on the ends of the slide and can cause collisions. Be cautious when you or your children slide down water slides without much barrier on the sides.

Also be cautious of two person tube rides, because these can cause injuries such as broken bones, lacerations, and trauma to the back, neck, and head. It is especially important to be careful of potential head injuries when landing in water, because if someone is knocked out, they may be unable to bring themselves to the surface when landing in the water.


Quassy’s water park playground has many different levels, climbing platforms, ropes, and slides. This playground can become hazardous to young children who may slip and fall or get pushed by other children. In multiple places on the playground, the platforms have gaps in the barriers and railings to prevent children from falling off and onto the concrete.

Water and Beach

Next to this waterpark, there is a small beach with cabanas, facing away from the water park and toward the water. Parents should be mindful of not sitting at the beach, while turning their backs to their children playing at the water park. If you have small children, it is best to stay at the water park location, instead of the beach, so you can be closer if any falls or accidents occur. If there are ever dark clouds and thunder, immediately leave the water park area and take shelter. Being up high on the water slides, on the playground, or in the water can be very dangerous because it can attract lightning without warning.

Getting Help

If you or your child has been injured in the water park at Lake Quassy in Connecticut, or at another water park, contact an attorney to get more information on how to proceed with a personal injury case.

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