Haunted Houses

Haunted houses can be found all over Connecticut at fairs and carnivals and even at amusement parks, like Lake Compounce’s Haunted Graveyard. Haunted houses are one of the only times people actually pay to be terrified and feel in danger. But how far is too far in trying to scare people? Do injuries happen at haunted houses?

Haunted Houses

Haunted houses are usually dark tunnels or rooms with people dressed up in bloody, gory costumes popping out and letting out blood curdling screams. Sometimes, when people get injured in a haunted house, it can be almost impossible to even know because of the darkness, fake blood, and screams of terror that are already happening. Before you, your friends, and your family head to a haunted house, be aware of some of the injuries and accidents that could occur.

Trampling Over People

People usually walk or ride through haunted tunnels and houses in large groups of people. Some jump from terror, or try and run away from something popping out at them, or throw their arms up from being scared. Especially in the dark, it can be difficult to see others around you, especially small children. Trampling can occur when so many people are moving all over the place, and can be even worse when the screams of someone getting stepped on are being masked by the screams of the attraction.

Props Falling

Haunted houses usually have objects hanging and large props set up to set the eerie tone. With so many people jumping, running, and moving everywhere, props can falls into people or on top of people. This can become a serious accident if a small child gets hit by a falling prop that is much larger than them or if a person gets hit by a prop loses their balance and causes a domino effect.

Sharp Objects

Scary objects that are usually used in haunted houses are chainsaws, knives, or other protrusions coming from the walls or props. With large groups of people going through a dark house, it can be easy to get cuts or bruises from bumping into these objects. Even if they are fake, they can still cause damage if ran into.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Many haunted attractions have fake smoke machines or fog machines. These machines let out fake smoke that has chemicals in it, and in an enclosed space that does not have enough ventilation, people can breathe it in and suffer carbon monoxide poisoning.

Scaring Injuries

Sometimes the actors who are trying to scare people in haunted houses can jump out at people, or even grab them. There have been incidents where this scaring is taken too far and someone actually falls and gets injured, or experiences a heart problem due to fear. A person also might experience anxiety symptoms such as heart beating too fast, difficulty breathing, or getting an anxiety attack.

Getting Help

Before you or your family goes to a haunted house, be aware of these injuries and be careful when bring young children into them. Carbon monoxide poisoning is very serious, so make sure that the haunted house is not filled with fog and smoke and that it is being ventilated out. Also, be careful of props and other objects inside the haunted house and if you get injured, call and speak with an attorney about your case and your injury.

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