Inadequate Ride Supervision

At amusement parks, waterparks, and carnivals, it is the responsibility of the staff to supervise rides and make sure that they are running smoothly. Inadequate supervision of rides can lead to issues such as accidents and injuries. On this page, I will discuss what ride operators are responsible for, and how inadequate supervision can lead to accidents.


Ride operators are hired to make sure that rides are properly run. Unfortunately, there are many things that might distract a ride operator and cause issues with the ride. First, the ride operator might be exhausted from working long hours. If a ride operator is too tired, they might begin to lose focus on what they are supposed to be doing. This could cause them to push the wrong buttons and levers and cause an issue with the ride. Or, it can distract them from making sure that all riders meet the size and weight requirements and are safely strapped in to the rides.

Ride operators can also be distracted by other things, such as cell phones, other employees, or things happening elsewhere in the park. To avoid these issues, ride operators should be hired carefully, given shifts that are not too long, and properly trained.

Improper Height/Weight

Many rides have height or weight requirements. We’ve all seen those signs that say “you must be this tall to ride.” While parents should take these requirements seriously, so should ride operators. Ride operators should not let a person under the height or weight requirements onto the ride under any circumstances.

Sometimes, a ride operator might let riders who are too small onto the ride. This might happen for several reasons. Maybe they know the child and want to do them a favor. Maybe a parent says they give their permission to let the child ride. Or, maybe the ride operator just isn’t paying attention. This might seem harmless, but it can lead to injuries for your child.  

Too Many Riders

Another issue with ride supervision is letting too many riders onto a ride. Again, this might happen because the ride operator is trying to be cool and purposefully breaking the rules. Or, the ride operator may not be paying attention and may accidently let too many people onto the ride or overlook how many people are getting on the ride.


All ride operators should be properly trained to make sure that these issues and others do not occur. Improper training for ride operators can lead to improper supervision. This can make the ride owners liable for any subsequent injuries. If your child was injured on a ride due to improper supervision, you should look into their training. A lack of training could be a factor in your child’s case.

Getting Help

If you would like to file a personal injury case due to improper supervision at an amusement park, you might want help. You can contact my office to learn more about your loved one’s situation and how to proceed.

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