Non-Mechanical Amusement Rides

Injuries are just as common, if not more common on bounce houses, go-karts, and slides than rides controlled by operators at the carnival. This may be because riders think that the rides they are going on are designed to be safe and you cannot get injured on them. When parents and children see dozens of people go on these rides before them, they don’t consider the fact that they could get injured. In bounce houses, go-karts, and slides, the rider is in control, and this can lead to injury because they are not trained like ride operators are.

Inflatable Bounce Houses

Bounce houses can cause a lot of injury because young children who are not very coordinated as it is, are bouncing around, bumping into each other, and falling over. It is very easy for small children to get launched into the air by bigger children, or for a child to get knocked over and trampled by other kids. When bounce houses are not supervised by trained staff members, more injuries can occur due to rules and regulations not being enforced.


Waterslides and giant slides can also cause a lot of injury because riders slide down at different speeds and different ways and are not safely strapped into anything or being guided by an operator. Riders crashing into one another due to rules not being enforced, or riders not listening can cause serious injuries. Slides are also dangerous because riders can fall off the sides, since they are not strapped in or attached to anything.


Go-Karts can be dangerous because all riders are operating these fast moving vehicles by themselves. Serious accidents and injuries can result from children not following rules, rules not being enforced, or children not understanding how to operate their cart. Before letting your children ride go-karts, make sure they understand how to operate it, and that they understand how unsafe it is to deliberately try to crash into others. If your child does not feel totally comfortable operating a cart on their own, have them ride next to another adult in a two seat cart. Do not try and fudge the age requirements, because the rules are set in place to keep kids who are not mature enough to ride by themselves and others safe on the track.

Fun Houses

Lastly, funhouses may seem like a harmless activity at the fair, but letting young children in alone can be very dangerous. Kids may get scared and panic, or get knocked down by others. In one instance, a young boy who lost his balance was seriously injured in the spiralling cylinders that you walk through. There are many different obstacles in fun houses that can be hazardous for young children. Children under the age of six should always be accompanied by an adult when going through a funhouse.

Getting Help

If you or your child has been injured at an amusement park or carnival on a bounce house, slide, go-kart, or funhouse, seek medical attention and contact us to speak with an attorney. If you have suffered a loss or injury, you may be able to receive compensation.

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