Ride Regulation Agencies In Each State

The regulation or oversight on amusement parks is inconsistent across the United States. There is no federal agency or laws that are in place to oversee the parks and rides and the federal government gives each state the discretion on regulating its parks. Some states may have government oversight, partial government oversight, regulations only on inspections, or no regulation agencies. Below is a list of all 50 states and their regulation agencies. The Consumer Product Safety Commission regulates the hazards of carnivals, and investigates accidents or reported injuries that occur across the United States except for permanent amusement park rides.

Regulating Agencies

Alabama – No regulation agency

Alaska -Department of Labor

Arizona – No regulation agency

Arkansas – Department of Labor

California – Division of Occupational Safety and Health

Colorado – Division of Oil and Public Safety

Connecticut – Department of Consumer Protection

Delaware – Office of State Fire Marshal

Florida – Department of Agriculture

Georgia – Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner

Hawaii – Department of Labor and Industrial Relations

Idaho – Division of Building Safety

Illinois – Department of Labor

Indiana – Department of Homeland Security

Iowa – Workforce Development

Kansas – Department of Labor

Kentucky – Department of Agriculture

Louisiana – State Fire Marshal

Maine – Department of Public Safety

Maryland – Department of Safety, Licensing, and Regulation

Massachusetts – Department of Public Safety

Michigan – Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

Minnesota – Department of Labor and Industry

Mississippi – No regulation agency

Missouri – Division of Fire Safety

Montana – No regulation agency

Nebraska – Department of Labor and the Office of Safety

Nevada – No regulation agency

New Hampshire – Department of Safety

New Jersey – Department of Community Affairs

New Mexico – Regulation and Licensing Department

New York – Department of Labor, except for New York City

North Carolina – Department of Labor

North Dakota – No regulation agency

Ohio – Department of Agriculture

Oklahoma – Department of Labor

Oregon – Oregon Building Codes

Pennsylvania – Department of Agriculture

Rhode Island – Building Commission

South Carolina – Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation

South Dakota – No regulation agency

Tennessee – Department of Labor and Workforce Development

Texas – Department of Insurance

Utah – No regulation agency

Vermont – Corporations Division of the Secretary of State

Virginia – County Governments

Washington – Department of Labor and Industries

West Virginia – Safety Section of the Division of Labor

Wisconsin – Safety and Building Division of the Department of Commerce

Wyoming – No regulation agency

Importance of Regulations

Parents should be knowledgeable about the regulations and the oversight of amusement and carnival rides. The more regulations of rides, inspections, investigations and reporting requirements of accidents, the more likely the state is to have safer parks and rides. If you and your family love to travel to different states for amusement parks or are planning a family vacation, check out this list so you can be aware of the regulations on rides in that state.

Getting Help

If you or your loved one has been injured on an amusement park ride or carnival ride, call us and speak with an attorney about your injuries and your case as soon as possible. We will be able to assist you in getting the compensation that you deserve, and holding whoever is at fault responsible.

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