Cliff Jumping

One attraction at Brownstone that makes parents pretty nervous is the cliff jump. The cliff jumping at Brownstone has two heights, one for jumpers who are under 18 that is around 30 feet and another for those 18 and up, which is even higher. The cliff jump has a lifeguard who sits in a chair between the two cliff jumps and directs the jumpers when to jump. Jumpers must be wearing a life jacket when jumping off.

Safety Issues

The safety issues of the cliff jump start with the fact that children of any age can jump off a slippery rock that is 30 feet in the air and slip or land wrong. Though jumpers are instructed to jump with a straight body and arms crossed, children do not always follow or understand instructions. Jumping from a height of 30 feet can lead to serious injuries to the legs, back, neck, arms, and head.

Landing on Others

Another issue with cliff jumping is that landing in the water is also part of the swimming zone for other park goers. This means that people may get in the way of the landing or the jumper may accidentally jump too far and hit a swimmer at the bottom. Landing on another person after jumping from such a height can seriously injure the person jumping and the person they land on. Not only will the person that gets landed on be knocked underwater, but the hit can cause them to suffer injury or get knocked unconscious before even going under the water.


Slipping can also be a hazard with the cliff jump, since the jumpers are taking off of a wet rock. Jumpers are allowed to take a few steps before jumping or jump from a stand still, but either way they could slip before making the jump. If a jumper slips before they jump, they could hit the rock cliff on the way down, go down the wrong way or head first, or land in the wrong area of the water and hit someone. Hitting the rock cliff on the way down can cause minor injuries like cuts and bruises or major injuries like spinal injuries or traumatic brain injuries.

Age Requirement

In order to go on the taller cliff jump, jumpers must be 18 or older. However, the lifeguard who is watching the ride simply asks the jumper how old they are. Teenagers who can pass as 18 can just lie and jump off the cliff. The problem is that teenagers sometimes like to show off to their friends and are impulsive. If a teenager jumps off the adult jump and tries to show off or attempt a flip, they can get seriously injured. The park has not yet implemented a system of making sure that adults are only using the larger cliff jump.

Getting Help

If you or your child has been injured on the cliff jump at Brownstone Water Park, or another waterpark, you may be entitled to compensation for injuries. Call and speak with an attorney as soon as possible to discuss your case and injuries.

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