Fractures or broken bones can occur from three different things including trauma, a medical condition that makes the bones weak, or stress fractures that occur from overuse. Most likely, broken bones from amusement park rides are the result of trauma. Trauma can occur from falling, or any kind of extreme force exerted on a bone. When too much force is exerted on the bone, it can move out of place, break, crumble, or buckle.


  • Bruising and swelling
  • Bleeding and open lacerations or wounds
  • Deformity of a body part
  • Pain and throbbing
  • Inability to move the injured area


The most common broken bone injuries are arms, wrists, and legs. Some more serious fractures are the neck, back, and ribs. Broken bones at amusement parks are usually a result of a crash or fall of some sort, however, broken bones can also occur from rides stopping too quickly or putting too much force on a body part. For example, wrist fractures can be a common bumper car injury because when a bumper car crashes, often riders will put their arms out to stop themselves from jerking forward.

Broken bones can be the result of ride accidents or the rider being ejected from their cart. If a ride operator does not ensure the safety belts and bars are secure, a rider can fall out of their cart during the ride. Mechanical errors or poor inspections can cause the ride to break and parts to come loose and hit riders during the ride. In these cases, fractures may be more severe and life threatening. Lastly, faulty seats or headrests can cause fractures to the neck and back, leaving the rider severely injured and requiring extensive medical treatment.

Although a bone can naturally heal all on its own, medical treatment is usually required in order to make sure that the bone heals correctly and does not lose any function.


  • X-rays
  • Pain medication
  • Reduction, putting the bone back in place
  • Casts and braces
  • Metal plates and screws
  • Metal rods
  • Steel pins
  • Physical therapy
  • Surgery

Treatment and Getting Help

Even after treatment, broken bones can have some complications such as healing in the wrong position, bone growth reduction, or infection that can lead to amputation. Regardless of the seriousness of the situation, if you or your child has broken a bone at an amusement park or on a ride, contact us and speak with an attorney about your situation and injury.

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