Safety at The Big E

The Eastern State’s Explosion, otherwise known as the Big E, is one of the biggest fairs in the country, and last for a few weeks in the fall in Massachusetts. Many Connecticut residents and their families are annual attendees of this fair. Here are some helpful safety tips before you and your family head up to this huge New England fair in the fall.

Things To Do

If you want a bite to eat, the Big E has all types of food vendors with your classic carnival food and some unique treats, and there is also a wine and cheese barn and different food, unique to each New England state house on the Avenue of States. The fair has livestock, horse shows, agriculture events, farm animals, and a circus. For entertainment there are parades, street performers, and concerts. Also, you can find a museum, shopping at all the state houses and vendors, and all different types of competitions. Lastly, there are all different types of carnival rides and games.

Safety Tips

One thing to be careful about at the Big E is the food that you are buying at vendors and various places. The workers are in tight areas, cooking order after order without breaks, and are usually in the hot sun all day. Sometimes these conditions can lead to tiredness and mistakes. The fair food may be susceptible to cross-contamination, bugs landing on it, touching chemicals, or sitting out too long. Workers may also neglect to keep their hands and work station clean, leading to bacteria contaminating food.

Before purchasing food, make sure to:

  1. Look at the work station where the food is being prepared to make sure it is clean
  2. Make sure to let the vendor know if you have a specific food allergy
  3. Do not let food that you bring with you or buy at the fair sit out for longer than two hours, especially on a hot day
  4. Before eating or touching food, make sure to wash your hands first, especially after touching the livestock


Another huge component of the Big E is the farm animals, livestock, horse shows, and petting zoos. Before you or your children take part in visiting and touching the animals, take note of these tips:

  1. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer immediately after touching or feeding the animals, to prevent harmful germs that could carry diseases
  2. Do not take any baby items like bottles, pacifiers, or strollers into livestock barns
  3. Supervise young children when petting and feeding animals
  4. Young children and senior citizens, especially with weak immune systems, should be cautious of animal exhibits and petting zoos


Another component of the Big E is the parades that take over the streets. Parades have huge moving vehicles, floats, loud music, street performers, crowds everywhere, and candy, beads, and objects being thrown. It is important that young children be held or supervised during parades. Children who are not supervised can be vulnerable to being trampled, losing their parents, hit by a moving vehicle, or hit by something being thrown.

In order to keep children safe during a parade, consider watching from a distance, so your children do not run out in front of floats to catch candy being thrown. Also, hold toddlers and small children, so they are not stepped on or knocked over by anyone. Dress children up in bright, identifiable clothing, so they can be found easily if you lose sight of them.

Getting Help

During these summer months and into the fall, be safe at the Big E, or any fair that you and your family attend. If you or someone you know gets injured at a fair, report it to the fair manager, take notes on what occurred, and contact an attorney.

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