Slip and Fall Injuries

Water parks are filled with slippery surfaces like splash pads, ride platforms, playgrounds, and staircases. Besides being slippery, water parks are usually filled with hundreds of young children who are playing, running, jumping, and this can lead to slipping and falling accidents. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are about 15,000 slip and fall accidents reported each year, which is about 40% of all amusement park injuries.


Slipping and falling can lead to a minor bump on the elbow or scrape on the knee, but sometimes, injuries can be much more serious. Slip and falls at waterparks can lead to serious injuries such as:

Causes for Slips and Falls

There are some issues that may cause slipping and falling at water parks, including slippery ground or stairs that do not have non-slip material on them, lack of cleaning, warped and damaged wood surfaces, and lack of restraints on inner tubes and water slides. The combination of slippery slides and tubes, fast speeds, and lack of restraints can increase the likelihood of falling off waterslides and onto the surface below.

Taking Precaution

With slip and fall injuries, it can be difficult to know who is really “at fault.” Who is at fault depends on how serious the injury is, what the conditions were, the circumstances involved in the accident, and whether guests are warned of slippery surfaces. Some ways to be more cautious at waterparks to prevent slip and fall injuries are:

  • Abiding by all rules, regulations, and especially warning signs. Avoid the areas that have “danger” or “warning” signs posted
  • Have an adult present with children when going from ride to ride and waiting in line, especially on stairs with them
  • Reinforce the rules of not running or pushing
  • Avoid areas that look slippery or unkept
  • Look around and make sure that there are lifeguards and safety personnel that are alert

Getting Help

No matter how careful you are, how well behaved your children are, or how safe a waterpark looks, accidents can happen. If you or your child has suffered from a slip and fall at a waterpark, contact an attorney to discuss the circumstances of your situation and injury.

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