Brownstone Water Park

Brownstone is a water park in Connecticut that is set on a private pond. The park has docks that can take you anywhere on the water and to the floating gazebos. There are giant water slides, inflatables in the water to climb, play, and jump off of. There are zip lines that propel you into the water from cliffs, rock climbing, wake boarding, cliff jumps, and more. This park is for families with children of all ages because it features shallow water with a kid zone for small children and also has gazebos that families can rent and be right on the water, as well as a variety of exciting rides for children and adults. While a trip to Brownstone Water Park can be fun for the family, it also presents some hazards. You can learn more here to help keep your children safe.

Safety Hazards

One of the safety hazards of Brownstone is that the space is huge, with many different inflatables, slides, zip lines, jumps, and more, and there are people everywhere. It can be easy to lose track of kids in the water. There are lifeguards at almost every part of the lake and each ride, however, the open space of water is so large and with so many children swimming in deep water, it can be easy to not have eyes on every child. To prevent any incidences of drowning or water inhalation, make sure your children are securely fastened in their life jackets, and do not let small children who are not good swimmers into the deep water.

Zip Lines

Some other hazards with this water park are the zip lining, and giant slides that rocket children into the water. Zip lines and harness do not always prevent falls from happening. The belts and buckles can also get caught on long hair, loose clothing, and jewelry. Be sure to take off all loose items and tie up long hair.

Make sure your children are strong swimmers and understand how to hold their breath when jumping into water or at the end of a water slide. Also, make sure your children understand not to be anywhere near the bottom of water slides, because they can be seriously injured if landed on.


Lastly, big inflatables in the water can be dangerous. Children tend to think that if they fall from a high distance into water, they cannot get hurt. However, falling even just a few feet into water the wrong way can cause serious injuries. This danger is heightened because there are children swimming in the water below, and children climbing onto tall inflatables. The best way to be safe is to not allow children to swim directly below inflatables, or avoid climbing up them all together.

Getting Help

If you or someone you know has been injured at Brownstone, be sure to seek medical attention, let the manager of the park know, and take down notes about where the injury occurred and what safety personnel were around at the time. After you have done this, immediately call an attorney and see if you can take action and get compensated.

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