Enjoying water rides can be a great way to spend a summer day with your family. Unfortunately, waterparks are not always safe. When this is the case, accidents can happen and injuries can occur. If you have a loved one who was injured at a waterpark, your family might want to seek compensation. One of the first steps in the compensation process is determine what happened and where. Your loved one may have been using a water ride, but this does not necessarily mean that they were at a waterpark. Waterparks have different regulations than other, similar places, such as amusement parks or carnivals. To determine what a waterpark is and how this might affect your loved one’s case, read on.

What is a Waterpark?

A waterpark is like an amusement park, but it is made up of water rides or water versions of rides. A waterpark might include rides such as:

A waterpark might be one part of a larger amusement park, such as the waterpark section of Lake Compounce. Or, a waterpark can stand on its own, such as the Brownstone Waterpark in Connecticut.

Waterpark vs. Water Play Areas

In addition to waterparks, you may have heard of a water play area. Water play areas generally have some of the same features and rides as waterparks such as swimming areas, water slides, and more. But, water play areas are usually available in places like public swimming pools or hotels. These are smaller versions of waterparks that likely have small rides, less supervision, and less regulation than waterparks do.

Indoor Waterparks

Indoor waterparks have also become a popular option in North America and Europe in the 20th and 21st centuries. Indoor waterparks are a good option because they are not seasonal. They can be used even in cold weather, which is a good option for families looking for something to do on winter and spring breaks. Indoor waterparks and water park resorts have become a vacation destination for many families. Because of their size, they can also house large thrill rides. While this offers fun for older kids, it is important that these parks are regulated just as an outdoor waterpark would be.

Getting Help

If your loved one sustained an injury at a waterpark, there could be many responsible parties. There could be a maintenance issue, a supervision issue, or some other employee issue that led to an accident. If you are still unsure of how the accident happened, who is responsible, or if the venue you were at is legally considered a waterpark, contact my office. I am happy to answer any questions that you may have and help your family through this difficult experience.

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